WeChat, instant messaging app will reach 900 million users

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WeChat, instant messaging app will reach 900 million users

Launched in 2011 by the number two of the Internet in China, Tencent‘s WeChat app, available for free on iOS and Android operating systems (6.3.24 update its version of 29 August 2016) i a huge success due to the number of potential Chinese users, but is also present in Asia and Africa.


The service not only enable people to communicate with friends but also to publish contents, to shop online and even put money on financial markets or play many games with a integrated payment system and in-app purchases.

According to recent data, the attendance for WeChat app would have reached the astronomical number of 809 million users a month but could reach an asymptote wiith 900 million users reports the specialized blog

Undisputed leader in China, WeChat faces in the Anglo-Saxon and European countries to fierce competition in the face of instant messaging services like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

But the war has only just begun …

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