CaseIH tractor

Drones will soon replace farmers in fields

Farming : Drones will soon replace farmers in fields

Drones are everywhere and autonomous means of transport such as cars, buses and airplanes wil tomorrow be part of our world, with sometimes disastrous consequences for employment or at least incredible changes in human beings habits.

Case IH drone

Case IH drone

And the farming sector will also be affected by this technological and digital revolution. Proof of this is the proposed agricultural vehicle Case IH, driverless tractor that detects obstacles and warns the farmer who leads the trajectories of the machine via a simple smarphone or digital tablet.

Demonstration video of the concept Case IH is quite impressive :

New agricultural revolution will probably destroy more employment in farming…

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Société Atrioom

France : Discover incubated Atrioom agency in Marseille

France : Discover incubated Atrioom agency in Marseille

Atrioom company was wellcome me this week for a short courtesy visit in their office based in the incubator Belle de Mai located in Marseille Bouches-du-Rhône.

Accompanied with Mrs. Aline Eredia from BSL group, all theirs activities and high level skills were presented.

De gauche à droite : Antoine Boutet, Jessy Naus, Roman Raibaudi, Aurélien Beguet (absent) (société Atrioom) et Nicolas Botte (bestbuzz.fr)

From left to right : Antoine Boutet, Jessy Naus, Roman Raibaudi, Aurélien Beguet (not present) (all from Atrioom) et Nicolas Botte (Editor of bestbuzz.fr)

Atrioom agency is composed of a service team of designers and products, user experience experts, and develop Web iOS as well as Android apps. Young team incubated since September 2014 media division of the Belle de Mai in Marseille, these boys in the wind are driven by the same ambition : to create and imagine products and services useful and that make sense to users. The company Atrioom has particular customer as the shipping giant CMA / CGM containers and develops mobile applications for all communities.

Application cartocom CMA-CGM

Application cartocom CMA-CGM

The founders of Atrioom were winners of the Open PACA 2013 as 1st Special Prize Student, 1st Prize of the contest partners, 1st Prize National Belle de Mai incubator Impulse 1st Prize and 1st Interuniversity incubator Paca Price Mediterranean Innovation and Technology.

The Belle de Mai incubator continues to settle young and brilliant entrepreneurs so you can still apply now.

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Parrot Disco

Parrot Cockpitglasses makes you pilot drone Disco as a fighter pilot

Parrot Cockpitglasses makes you pilot drone Disco as a fighter pilot 

French giant Parrot has just launched on the international market aerial fixed wing drone Parrot Disco FPV.

Parrot Disco

Parrot Disco

This flying drone, quite different from miniature helicopters look-like multi- rotors drones is equipped with a front stabilized camera giving the feeling you are piloting the plane as a fighter pilot with Parrot Cockpitglasses until nearly  50 mph.

Pilot as Maverick in famous Top Gun movie ? Here is a video to illustrate this sensation.

The price of this drone is relatively high about USD 1680.
The Paris located company, co-founded and directed by Henri Seydoux since 1994 is basically specialized in connected objetcs for automobile.

Innovation remains Parrot success.

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WeChat, instant messaging app will reach 900 million users

WeChat, instant messaging app will reach 900 million users

Launched in 2011 by the number two of the Internet in China, Tencent‘s WeChat app, available for free on iOS and Android operating systems (6.3.24 update its version of 29 August 2016) i a huge success due to the number of potential Chinese users, but is also present in Asia and Africa.


The service not only enable people to communicate with friends but also to publish contents, to shop online and even put money on financial markets or play many games with a integrated payment system and in-app purchases.

According to recent data, the attendance for WeChat app would have reached the astronomical number of 809 million users a month but could reach an asymptote wiith 900 million users reports the specialized blog marketing-chine.com.

Undisputed leader in China, WeChat faces in the Anglo-Saxon and European countries to fierce competition in the face of instant messaging services like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

But the war has only just begun …

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Crowdfunding : More than $ 275 400 for a…pillow…

Crowdfunding : More than $ 275 400 for a…pillow…

Who does not dream of a very comfortable sleep by car , plane, or even boat without having all neck’s bones contorted ?

All these people like you would probably be fond of this new product almost marketed.

Nodpod is a face pillow that lets you fall asleep on a plane, in train or by car and here is a demonstration video :

Paula Blankenship has invented this very clever pillow called the nodpod for a fantastic comfort for traveling. Attached to the seat , this cushion allows simply maintaining head of to avoid she falls.




The project, funded via Kickstarter crowdfunding platform already collected in more than $ 275 400 whereras only about $ 20,000 of donations was expected.

The project , due to its simplicity and financing mode, is encountering a planetary success.

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Singapore launches autonomous nuTonomy’taxis trial with real customers

Singapore launches autonomous nuTonomy’taxis trial with real customers

In Singapore, no driver taxis are become reality since June 2016 with nuTonomy‘s company first trials with real customers. The service has started in Singapour city openned to the public and outclassing all US giant Google or Uber projects.



Tests began in Ontario last april 2016 in Singapour city focuses on a geographical limited suburb. Residents are using a free service through mobile applications.

Following Video offers an overvall state of the technical performance achieved :

Electric vehicles type Renault Zoe and Mitsubishi i-MiEV are used for this incredible test. Data collected during the experiment will certainly improve Software System, the booking interface and as a rule the “drivers experience”.

Overall service is scheduled for 2018 in Singapore.

The company nuTonomy was founded by researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and enjoys support from State of Singapore and Financing funds rated important Investments (Highland Capital Partners, Samsung Venture, …)

It also performs tests in the United States and England.



The race for technology should occur between an handful of major companies and probably, by the end, destroy certain jobs (taxi drivers obviously but not probably others)

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Californian Sunshine app almost fully ready for uber model weather sharing data

Californian Sunshine app Sunshine almost fully ready for uber model weather sharing data

There are many years that I think of a collaborative weather application for smartphones and this time, I think the service is available and suffisant enouph.

Hence, the californian Sunshine app called Sunshine is now available in beta on the Android operating systems via the Store. For memory the application already exists since late 2015 on the Apple Appstore and the latest version (0.9.4) has been updated on August 1, 2016.
The principle is quite simple since it is the users that feed the database by providing with a large number of subscribers of course, all specific weather information.

sunshine app

In some words, is looks like uber model weather application !

A bit like the famous guide app Waze, the user is invited, after registering, to describe the weather with drawings, pictograms, and even emoji and can earn points also there as the Waze Service .

Sunshine app is available on iOS for US and Canadian users and with a beta version for Android.

sunshine app

The blog is however accessible to bring your feedback and the APK installation file could be donwload for Android.

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Zenly, the social network for teenagers

Zenly, the social network for teenagers

Zenly has updated its mobile app with version 2.1.3 just a few days ago. This app available on Android and IOS allows geotag real-time friends and is a hit on the internet world with over 1 million users .

M. Alexis Bonillo and Antoine Martin are the two creators financed by investors as the founder of Free, Xavier Niel.

The application allows obviously to select when you want to be located or not, Zenly being especially designed for you to organize your outings (theater, walks, etc ) .

It is even possible to know the battery level people located. What a strange idea !

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To tweet more thand 140 characters, use StormIT app !

To tweet more thand 140 characters, use Stormit app !

For those like me who are regularly using the social network Twitter, so you know that you are limited to 140 characters, which sometimes can be frustrating but a great exercise to learn to be synthetic.

However, indian society ThreeSea Technologies Private Limited since August 2016 offers users a very simple Twitter dedicated application called Stormit (free on iOS / Android), which lets you write tweets over 140 characters, by applying cuts.

Stormit app

Stormit app


The record is rather successful with several tweets posted burst, thus appearing in the timeline of your followers (followers) with a type indicator 1 / N and 2 / N … N is the total number of tweets.

A feature also allows for viewing your short messages to make sure they are readable and the application will automatically connect to your Twitter account if you already have a classic application for tweeter.

See you on Twitter!

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