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To tweet more thand 140 characters, use StormIT app !

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To tweet more thand 140 characters, use Stormit app !

For those like me who are regularly using the social network Twitter, so you know that you are limited to 140 characters, which sometimes can be frustrating but a great exercise to learn to be synthetic.

However, indian society ThreeSea Technologies Private Limited since August 2016 offers users a very simple Twitter dedicated application called Stormit (free on iOS / Android), which lets you write tweets over 140 characters, by applying cuts.

Stormit app

Stormit app


The record is rather successful with several tweets posted burst, thus appearing in the timeline of your followers (followers) with a type indicator 1 / N and 2 / N … N is the total number of tweets.

A feature also allows for viewing your short messages to make sure they are readable and the application will automatically connect to your Twitter account if you already have a classic application for tweeter.

See you on Twitter!

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